MOGA Philosophy

Authenticity Attracts Success

Think of the most authentic person you know. Ever notice how things always seem to be going their way?  MOGA fosters authenticity so you easily attract what you want. 

You are your Mindset

Part of your brain is always working  to keep things as they are. MOGA experiences  strengthen the parts of your brain that control trust, connection, and sense of purpose, so you easily make choices that create the results you want to experience. 

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

If you want to up-level your results, spend time with those who have done it or are actively moving in that direction.  MOGA builds a community of growth and accountability.

MOGA Founder, Sara Emhof


Authenticity + Connection = Joy, Purpose & Results

                                                   -Sara Emhof, Certified Coach & MOGA Founder 

Authentic people are connected to their purpose and cultivate meaningful relationships. These two things helped me create a lot of success. As my career progressed, I worked remotely,  traveled often, and got caught up in what I should be doing instead of what I knew I needed to do to be healthy and happy.  I developed stomach issues and chronic anxiety. Technology eroded my relationships to texts and emails and the flood of online information and expectations clouded my sense of what I wanted.  

I was performing but I was tired, indecisive, anxious, and isolated.  

I created MOGA because I knew I was not alone. So many of us are sick, anxious, or depressed because we are overwhelmed, disconnected and have lost our sense of purpose. As a life-long athlete, I know I am at my best when I feel like I am part of a team working towards a common goal.  I wanted to shift the conversation from individual solutions like yoga and meditating to social solutions. MOGA takes a social approach to up-leveling your health, career, relationships, and overall mindset. Our social connections play a HUGE part in our health and our success. And, we are living in a world with alarming rates of depression and loneliness. Let's move from me to we.