MOGA Coaching


You are 90% More Likely to Reach your Goals with the Right Accountability


  • Clarify and achieve your career, finance, or lifestyle goals
  • Make big shifts in your life that you have not been able to make on your own
  • Train you in coaching skills so you can guide your employees, family, and friends towards reaching their full potential. 
  • Build your resilience and  confidence so you can overcome anxiety and thrive


  • Mid-Career professionals looking to shift careers or create work-life balance
  • Individuals making lifestyle changes to manage stress and health issues
  • Students looking to manage stress, clarify career goals, or build their professional online presence. 
  •  Entrepreneurs looking to clarify their message or gain skills to coach their employees and clients


 Similar to an athletic coach, a personal coach:

  • Hold your vision sacred, even when you don't
  • Provide weekly training and expertise to move you towards your goal
  • Observe and overcome blind spots that may be limiting your success

The coaching experience is truly ALL ABOUT YOU and the TRANSFORMATION you want to experience.  Most clients are surprised that coaching stretches them beyond their initial goals.  With consistent support and accountability, we clarify your goals, create a strategy for success, identify patterns that may be blocking success, and rewire your brain to make decisions that support your vision.   I entered my first coaching program over 12 years ago and the process made me a better (and happier) teacher, improved my relationships with men, helped me attract my dream job, create financial freedom, become an entrepreneur, and manage my chronic anxiety. (Check out my blog series about each of these impacts). 


 Sara made it very easy to succeed, she created a framework for synthesizing my goals into simple, specific and manageable pieces. She and I really connected.  She was empathetic but challenged me at the same time.    -Susan, Senior Vice President

Sara’s coaching brought such awareness to my relationship with money and really helped me shine a light on beliefs I had not realized I had. I am now ready to forge ahead with confidence in making financial decisions, achieving goals and creating a new chapter for me and by boys.  -Kristin, Teacher

Going through a separation, with two young children was a stressful transition.  Sara's guidance helped me to become much more mindful, trust my intuition, and find my peace. I really appreciate how she asks many questions and probes deep to get to know me, and then will offer ideas, thoughts, and resources, which are not cookie cutter.  -Kathy, Mother and Professional 


Coaching Services


Jump Start Coaching

This option creates the biggest results and offers the highest level of accountability.  Jump start coaching is a great option for those new to coaching or who are looking to create results quickly.   Jump Start coaching includes weekly 45-minute coaching sessions, a personal blueprint assessment, customized mental fitness exercises that improve your results, and ongoing accountability between sessions. 


Monthly Strategy Sessions

Would you like to have a personal monthly strategy in place so you can stay focused, grounded, and be more efficient? This option is great for those with limited time, need less accountability, and are looking for a partner to help them focus their priorities to create better results.  Monthly strategy sessions are 90-minutes and focus on creating a detailed set of actions steps, priorities, and mindset exercises that move you towards your goal.  You and your coach will have access to a shared document for accountability between sessions.                                

                                                                                                                    $249/month (20% off six month package)


Partner Coaching

Do you have a friend, partner, sibling, colleague or young adult you'd like to grow with? This option offers a chance for you to support each other and serve as accountability partners for one another. You can have the same goal or be working towards different goals.  This option includes six weekly shared sessions and one individual coaching session.             

                                                                                                                   $499/person (7 sessions)                                                                   

Coaching & Mindset Training

This option is great for teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Mindset training builds self-mastery which improves your focus, time management, resilience, and sense of purpose. Coaching skills will equip you with tools that effectively motivate and empower others to make decisions that support their success. 

                                                                                                        Contact us for information 

For Young Adults


Coaching provides a space for students to work through challenging issues, gain self-awareness, and shift from a powerless perspective to an empowered perspective.  

These 90-day intensives combine coaching and training. 


For high-achieving teens who are looking to build leadership skills, explore their personal and professional passions and gain self-management skills so they can maintain strong social and emotional health as they transition to college and career.    This customized program is designed to meet the goals of each teen and may include training on networking, building your personal brand,  time management, public speaking and emotional intelligence.   

For High School and College Students looking to:

· Build leadership skills

· Explore their personal and professional passions

· Gain self-management skills

· Maintain emotional health as they transition to college/career


Coaching provides a space for teens to work through challenging issues and shift from a powerless perspective to an empowered perspective.  Mental fitness training equips teens with a strengths assessment and weekly challenges that rewire their brain from fear to resilience, self-doubt to confidence and from overwhelm to healthy boundaries.  

For Young Adults looking to Overcome:

· Chronic Anxiety

· Confidence Issues

· Perfectionism

· Obsessive Behaviors

Student Testimonials:


                "This is the best guest speaker I have ever seen"

                "I wish school was more like this - then I’d want to come."

                "I wish school was more like this - then I’d want to come."

                 "This was amazing."

                "I liked that we were doing things - not getting another lecture"