M.O.G.A for Organizations

MOGA Mindset Training

Train your brain for peak mental, social and physical health

For managers, parents, entrepreneurs, and teachers looking to create inspiring results and lead others to do the same. You will gain coaching skills, a mindset that supports peak performance and a community committed to your ongoing success.  

When you show up authentically, you create the space for others to do the same. Walk in your truth. 

- Anonymous


  • Clear sense of purpose and priorities
  • Intuitive decision making
  • Communicate in a way that inspires action and trust
  • Respond to stress and conflict with mindfulness 
  • Increased creativity, focus, and energy
  • Increased sense of belonging and engagement

Session Topics: 

  • The MOGA Mindset and Paradigms for Success
  • The Brain on Stress- Rewiring for Positive results
  • Mental Fitness Skills for Trust, Resilience and Compassion
  • The Secret to Rewiring Negative Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Coaching Techniques that Inspire others towards Action
  • Communicating with Authenticity
  • Creating Accountability and Results

Program Framework:

  • 8 Individual Mindset Training Sessions OR two 4-hour workshops*
  • 4 Practice Coaching Sessions with a Group Member
  • 2 Individual Coaching Calls with MOGA Coach, Sara Emhof

*Some session topics can be offered as stand-alone trainings

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